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Done-For-You Contract Templates

As a lawyer for entrepreneurs, I work with folks just like you every day to help them get their legal ducks in a row.

When it comes to their business contracts, most entrepreneurs will confess:

I worry about having a contract that protects me from getting screwed over by a nightmare client.

My current contract is one I cut and paste from samples I found for free on the internet. As my company grows, I worry that I'm missing something important that might cost me business.

It's the fear of not knowing what I don't know. It's all quite overwhelming. I try my best to understand it all, but I'm still at a loss.


Perhaps you're starting or already have a consulting business, but you don’t have your contracts in place, and you don’t even know where to start. You know the legal side of your business is important, but you find the law and especially the lawyers you talk to very intimidating.

Or maybe you have contracts but you’re not sure if they say what they should to protect you or your business.

Or maybe each time you sign a contract with a client, you worry that you’ve missed something and a loony toon client will screw you over after you’ve put in all this hard work.

Or perhaps you've already been burned by a nightmare client and you want to do what you can so it won't happen gain.

And your cause for concern is totally legit.

As a lawyer, I unfortunately get to hear some pretty ugly horror stories.

Things like a client going MIA after you've put in all this hard work, leaving you with an unpaid invoice.

Clients asking you for more work than what you had agreed to - then refusing to pay you for all of your extra effort.

You get the idea....

So, how do you protect yourself from these nightmare situations?

Having a solid and professional contract is the first step. That's why I created these contract templates.


Find out in this video.


These contracts are affordable, easy-to-use and specific to your industry. 

With the template:

  • You’ll create a solid client contract for your business that you can use each time you book a client.
  • You’ll have an understanding about the essential terms in a contract, so next time your client comes to you with questions or additions, you’ll be able to answer them with confidence.
  • You’ll have a leg to stand on should you ever find yourself in a conflict with your client. 

And let's not forget the tons of time, money and frustration you'll save too! 

Go from "confused about contracts" to rocking legal diva!


Are you a consultant, a coach or other professional who offers yours expertise to clients? This reusable template agreement addresses a variety of issues related to the your performance of services or delivery of a work product to your client. It addresses topics such as:

  • Services to be Performed
  • Compensation
  • Confidentiality
  • Ownership of Materials
  • Intellectual Property
  • Termination of the Agreement
  • And much more 


These done-for-you contract templates are...


Most lawyers charge a minimum of $250-350 AN HOUR to draft similar contracts. By using a template, you can save 100s of dollars on attorneys' fees for having a lawyer draft one for you from scratch.

Customizable & Reusable

With a few minor tweaks, you can easily tailor the contract to fit the needs of your business. You'll receive a return on your investment each time you take on a new client.

Easy to Use

You'll receive a comprehensive guide that explains each term of the contract in plain English so you actually understand what your contract means. 


Drafted after interviewing industry professionals, the template addresses pitfalls and issues common in your unique industry.

Download Instantly

After your purchase, you'll log into your account where your products will be waiting for you.

Get Future Updates

You'll have lifetime access to the products which means any future updates and revisions are yours too! 


01 | A comprehensive guide explaining each term of the Agreement.

02 | A copy of the Agreement in PDF format.

03 | A copy of the Agreement in Word format.


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"Such an easy document to use"

Just received the signed contract back from my new client! It is a big, open-ended partnership & I feel so much better knowing that I've covered my you-know-what with them. Thank you a million times over for such an easy document to use.


"A small price to pay for your peace of mind."

"Frees up my energy to focus on what I really love to do"

 I feel SO much more prepared and confident in moving forward with my business, which frees up my energy to focus on what I really love to do, knowing I have all my legal information and logistics taken care of.



And get back to doing what you do best!

Annette is an attorney and business strategist who equips other creative professionals and small business owners with the legal and business knowledge needed to confidently start and grow their businesses. After practicing litigation at a national law firm in San Francisco for over five years, she took a leap of faith and started her own creative business. Combining her passion for law and small business, Annette seeks to make the law practical, approachable, and dare we say it – even a little fun. 



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How long does it take to customize the contract?  
Remember playing Mad Libs as a kid? Well, that's what these templates are like.  The contract templates have some blanks you need to fill and few sections where you pick between different options.  Depending on how far along you are in terms of thinking about your business process and procedure, it might take you about 1-3 hours to customize.

I just started a business….and don’t have any clients yet. Should I get these contract templates?
This is the perfect time to get your business off on the right foot. Starting your business is like building a house.  You need to lay a proper foundation before you can get to the fun stuff like painting the walls and picking the backsplash for your kitchen. Without a solid ground to rest your business on, you run the risk of your walls crumbling down.

Remember, these are yours to keep forever. And when the time comes when you need these contracts, and trust me it will, you’ll have them at your fingertips. And you can use them over and over again with each new client you bring on board.

But I can’t afford it…
I totally get that resources might be tight. But I want to challenge you a little bit here by asking you ---- how can you NOT afford this right now? The next client or project might be the one who could jeopardize your business. If you’re serious about your business, then this is a small investment to make to have that security. In fact, the cost of these products is probably less than what you’re charging your clients. Which means, each time you book a client, this product will pay for itself time and time again.

Plus, most lawyers charge at least $250-350 AN HOUR for their time and expertise. And we all know it takes more than one hour to draft a contract.  These templates are an affordable way to get contracts drafted by a lawyer - who actually understands your business - without the hefty price tag of a lawyer's hourly rates.

Are these contracts specific to my state's laws? 
Although these contracts are not state specific, these contracts are drafted with general principles of contract law for the United States. There is no one size fits all contract.  However, taking these templates to a local lawyer will save you a lot of time and money because the local attorney will not be drafting a contract from scratch. 

My business is based outside of the United States. Can I use your contract templates? 
Since I'm only authorized to practice law in the United States, unfortunately I can't speak to whether these contracts would hold up for you in your country. Under these circumstances, if you do decide to purchase the templates, you may want to take them to a lawyer in your local country to review after you’ve customized them.  It's usually much cheaper to do it this way than to have a lawyer draft them from scratch – at least it is here in the US!

What makes these contracts so different than what I can find on the internet?
Hate to break it to you, but Google is not a lawyer.

Right now, there are about 235,000,000 results for the search term “small business law,” so there’s no doubt that you’ll have a lot of resources at your fingertips.

But let’s face it, do you REALLY want to wade through website after website to get answers to the questions you have. Who has time for that? Not me. 

And can you really trust those contract samples you find on the internet or borrowed from a friend?  How do you know they say what they should to protect you and your business? 

As a lawyer AND someone who's owned her own creative business, I have a unique understanding of what creatives and small business owners need.  With each contract, I interview industry professionals to ensure that the contracts address the particular needs of that creative industry.  Although other lawyers will have the foundational legal basics to draft a contract, they are often unfamiliar with what takes to run a creative business like yours.

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