What if Your Event & Wedding Planning Contract is Costing You Clients?

(finally start booking dream clients and become a high-earning event planner)

I say this with #legallove but if your less-than-professional contract isn’t solid you’re leaking money out of your business.

You have a choice:

You can either (cue my boo JT) and say “bye, bye, bye” to your hard-earned dollars


You can get your legal ducks in a row once and for all.


Look, I know for a fact legal worries don’t keep you up at night (yet).

Can I tell you something that’s REALLY hard to hear?

Without a solid contract in place you’ll stay stuck in your business, continue to lose money and attract the wrong clients.

Feeling like you’re not ready to invest money in your business is the one thing holding most event planners back from skyrocketing their growth. I’ve been there and seen it more times than I can count.   


Do either of these real life wedding and event planner scenarios sound familiar?

I hope the first one never happens to you and the second scenario is a good problem to have:  


👉 Scenario 1: When your first PITA (pain in the a**) client comes a knockin’ and wants a full refund you’ll be cursing the business gods and scrambling to come up with a solid plan. Because who wants to pay a client back money you worked long hours to earn? (#realtalk)  

👉Scenario 2: Here’s the other best kept secret NO other successful wedding or event planner will tell you. One of the reasons they’re booking high-end six-figure weddings or corporate events is because they don’t show up to get their check with any old contract. Nope, they have an ironclad agreement that protects their client's huge investment. If you're ready to open your business doors to consistently booking weddings and corporate events - your client will know you're legit with the right contract in place - a contract that practically books the event for you.


These are just some of the real life scenarios I see every day.

Raise your right hand and confess if any of these other scenarios apply to you....

(don’t worry no one can see you nodding your head and raising your hand) #nojudgementshere

  • I don’t know what I don’t know about keeping my business legal. So I’m just floating along with no real business protection in place.

  • My current contract is one I cut and paste from samples I found for free on the internet. As my company grows, I worry that my ass(ets) aren’t really covered.

  • It’s too overwhelming to figure all this legal stuff out. My eyes go cross every time I try to understand it all, I'm embarrassed to admit I’m still at a total loss.

Now that we’re on the same page let’s talk about getting your legal contracts in order (aka money in the bank, baby!) 



According to the Small Business Administration, legal costs for actual litigation for small businesses ranges from $3,000 to $150,000 (ouch!)

That’s a whole LAW-t of lattes!!

I’ve seen million dollar litigations go down first hand. Not too long ago I was working at a fancy-shmancy law firm in San Francisco when— faced with a pay raise (yes, I said pay raise!) I realized that no amount of money would make me happy working for someone else. Although I love the intellectual challenges of the law, I wanted out of an office and longed for more art and color in my life.


So I took a leap of faith and started my own jewelry line. As I grew the jewelry line, other small business owners and peers sought out my legal advice about starting and running their own business. I saw a need for practical legal advice geared towards creative business owners.


Then I got married! I saw all the different roles that vendors play in putting together a beautiful event— and I saw their contracts *gasp*. I realized that as an industry that regularly relies on contracts, there was a huge need for legal information that was affordable, practical, and industry-specific.


Fast forward to now, I help equip other creative professionals and small business owners with the legal knowledge they need to confidently grow their businesses.


Combining my passion for law and being a creative business owner, I’m here to make the law practical, approachable, and dare I say it– even a little fun for you. Here's how:


You'll get:

(in Word format)


(to help customize your contract)


(to answer FAQs)



With the Contract Template, 
I Share My Proven 5-Step System for Drafting Contracts to Save You Time + Money and Get You Paid

(can you say - dollar dollar bills y’all?!?)

Complete your vision to design a business that actually feels fun for you - instead of restricting yourself to copying and pasting someone else’s idea of a good business and legal contract.

With this video +  worksheet you’ll get organized before you customize your contract to make your legal template easy breezy to fill out.

Customize your BRAND NEW contract template in Word format, plus step-by-step video explanations (in Plain English - no legal mumbo jumbo here) walking you through how to customize each clause with confidence.

Congratulations! You have a draft of a solid contract in your hands.

Before you send or sign a contract, revise your contract against this checklist to double check that you’ve crossed all your T’s and dotted all your I’s.

Plus, I’ll demystify the questions about whether to send proposals or contracts popping up in your mind and I’ll walk you through contract changes after it’s already been signed (#lesigh, it happens to the best of us).

Want to save time and book clients a whole lot faster? Then you'll want to watch these videos about my favorite contract signing softwares (even if you’ve never used it before).

Before you go, I’ll walk you through all the important next steps, other contracts you might need and why, along with my favorite resources for upleveling your event and wedding planning business. (Move over, Mindy Weiss.)


The customizable contract template addresses a variety of topics you'll need in your client contracts for your event and wedding planning services, including: 

  • Services to be Performed

  • Compensation (whether you charge a flat fee or a percentage of the budget)

  • Reimbursement of Expenses

  • Event Rescheduling

  • Client Responsibilities

  • Photo Release

  • Limitation of Liability

  • Termination of the Agreement  

  • And much more 

This contract works well for event stylists too!



"My husband is also a lawyer and he was super impressed!"

I just purchased the event planner contract ... and I LOVED how painless it was! My husband is also a lawyer and he was super impressed with the contract!



"Don't think that I would have booked [the client] with my previous contract."



I decided to invest in Annette’s contracts because I knew that my copy and paste from the internet contracts were not up to snuff. I always had this pit in my stomach every time I booked a new client, hoping that they went call me out on my sub-par contracts. I didn’t want to find myself in a bad legal situation so something had to change.

The template has given me the confidence to book and deliver services knowing that I have properly CYA. I recently booked a client .... I don’t think that I would have booked her with my previous contract.



"I booked a big new client...
super easy to use."

Just received the signed contract back from my new client! It’s a big, open-ended partnership & I feel so much better knowing that I've covered my you-know-what with them. Thank you a million times over for such an easy document to use.




"I’ve been in business too long NOT to have official legal contracts!"


It was always on my list to do, but I just never took the time or made the investment to make it happen.

Then a dreamy client asked for some changes to the project agreements I sent her, and I knew it was time to get official. I want to protect myself and my business. I also want to make sure my clients feel comfortable with the information and access they're giving me to their businesses.

The contract template was a cinch to load to my CRM and the dreamy client I mentioned? She signed immediately. I couldn't be happier and I really feel like I have my big girl business briefs on!




"It saved me so much time and made me feel at ease."

The instructions that came along with the contracts made them very easy to fill out on my own and feel confident in what I was about to send over ... I cannot recommend them enough



"Love how easy it is to use."


We absolutely love how easy it is to use Annette's contracts. She has every contract we need so she's the first place we check before thinking about hiring a lawyer. She also has a ton of great useful information which we find to be super helpful as entrepreneurs.




An often overlooked, but important reason for having written contracts is how they communicate to your clients. The contracts show your clients you’re a professional and they’ll take your business seriously.

It says “Hey, client– clearly I’ve got my act together, so you should feel confident in hiring me.” And as the professional, it’s your job to educate your clients about your (and your client’s) roles and responsibilities.

Because, let’s face it, chances are your client has never worked with someone in your field and therefore, has no idea what is reasonable to expect from you and his/her role in the process. And you know what we’re going to use to accomplish that? You guessed it - a contract. Smarty-pants 😉.

It also distinguishes you from your competition. In a saturated market, you need every competitive advantage to set you apart as the no-brainer choice for your clients.

Everything is delivered electronically. At checkout, you'll be asked to create a username and password.  Be sure to save this info in a special place, because you'll need it in order to access your products. To access your products, visit this page.

Diamonds aren't the only things that are forever. Once you purchase, these digital downloads are yours to keep forever too!

Best part? That means anytime the materials are updated, you'll get those too - free of charge. 

Remember playing Mad Libs as a kid? Well, that's exactly how these templates work. The contract templates have some blanks you need to fill and few sections where you pick between different options.  

Depending on how far along you are in terms of thinking about your business process and procedure, it might take you about 1-3 hours to customize.

This is the perfect time to get your business off on the right foot. Starting your business is like building a house. You need to lay a proper foundation before you can get to the fun stuff like painting the walls and picking the backsplash for your kitchen.

Without a solid ground to rest your business on, you run the risk of your walls crumbling down in the form of losing money and time along with your emotional energy being zapped from dealing with client drama. It's a bad look for everyone and might result in negative client reviews on Yelp or worse, you'll lose out on client referrals and repeat bookings from your client.  

Remember, these are yours to keep forever. And when the time comes when you need these contracts, and trust me it will, you’ll have them at your fingertips. And you can use them over and over again with each new client you bring on board.

I totally get it if resources might be tight. But I want to challenge you a little bit here by asking you— how can you NOT afford this right now? The next client or project might be the one who could turn into a nightmare.

I'd rather save you the heartbreak of having an uncomfortable conversation and letting an unhappy client tax your energy. Because let's be honest if you put in the effort to create a beautiful, memorable event… it's soul crushing to hear anything less than you're amazing.

Worst case scenario, having the contract gives you a way to navigate the difficult conversation after your event. But the real purpose is to curb any problems before they happen. When you set expectations beforehand everyone involved can breathe a sigh of relief.

If you’re serious about your business, then this is a small investment to make to have peace of mind. In fact, the cost of these products is probably less than what you’re charging your clients. Which means, each time you book a client, this product will pay for itself time and time again.

Plus, most lawyers charge at least $300-350 AN HOUR for their time and expertise. And we all know it typically takes more than one hour to draft a contract.  

These templates are an affordable way to get contracts drafted by a lawyer - who actually understands your business - without the hefty price tag of a lawyer's hourly rates.

OK ladies now let’s get (in)formation ← whips Beyonce hair. Whether you’re a LLC, S-Corp, or Sole Proprietor... any time there’s an agreement between two people you need a contract.

Although these contracts are not state specific, these contracts are drafted with general principles of contract law for the United States. There is no one size fits all contract.  

However, taking these templates to a local lawyer will save you a lot of time and money because the local attorney will not be drafting a contract from scratch.

These contracts are drafted with general principles of US law, so unfortunately we can't speak to whether these contracts would hold up for you in your country.

Under these circumstances, if you do decide to purchase the templates, you may want to take them to a lawyer in your local country to review after you’ve customized them. It's usually much cheaper to do it this way than to have a lawyer draft them from scratch– it’s always more cost effective here in the US!

Hate to break it to you, but Google is not your lawyer.

Right now, there are about 235,000,000 results for the search term “small business law,” so there’s no doubt that you’ll have a lot of resources at your fingertips.

But let’s face it, do you REALLY want to wade through website after website to get answers to the questions you have. Who has time for that? Not me.

And can you really trust those contract samples you find on the internet or borrowed from a friend? How do you know they say what they should to protect you and your business?

As a lawyer AND someone who's owned her own creative business, I have a unique understanding of what creatives and small business owners need. With each contract, I interview industry professionals to ensure that the contracts address the particular needs of that creative industry. Although other lawyers will have the foundational legal basics to draft a contract, they’re often unfamiliar with what takes to run a creative business like yours.

Affordable, easy-to-use and tailored just for planners.

With the contract template, you and your client will know EXACTLY what to expect before, during and after your event (goodbye client drama, hello client referrals!):

  • You’ll create a solid client contract for your business that you can use each time you book a client.

  • You’ll have an understanding about the essential terms in a contract, so next time your client comes to you with questions or additions, you’ll be able to answer them with confidence.

  • You’ll have a leg to stand on should you ever find yourself in a conflict with your client.

And let's not forget the tons of time, money and frustration you'll save too! 

Go from "confused about contracts" to rocking legal diva!


Most lawyers charge a minimum of $300 AN HOUR to draft similar contracts. By using a template, you can save THOUSANDS on attorneys' fees for having a lawyer draft one for you from scratch.

Customizable & Reusable

With a few minor tweaks, you can easily tailor the contract to fit the needs of your business. You'll receive a return on your investment each time you take on a new client.

Easy to Use

You'll receive a comprehensive VIDEO guide that explains each term of the contract in plain English so you actually understand what your contract means. 


Drafted after interviewing industry professionals, the template addresses pitfalls and issues common in your unique industry.

Download Instantly

After your purchase, you'll log into your account where your products will be waiting for you.

Get Future Updates

You'll have lifetime access to the products which means any future updates and revisions are yours too! 

"Better safe, than sorry!"



If there's anyone I trust to help me ensure my business is covered - it's Annette! I am in the process of growing my team, taking on more clients with bigger and more involved weddings. After watching several webinars with Annette - I realized how knowledgeable she is in her area of expertise, and how legally exposed I was in my business! I'm taking the necessary steps to ensure that my team and I are covered, even if it means investing more in Annette's templates ahead of time. Better safe than sorry!




All of the information provided here, across our Platforms and Products (collectively, "Content")  are for your educational and informational purposes only; it is not intended as and does not constitute legal advice. You should not act, or refrain from acting, on the basis of this Content  without first consulting legal counsel in your jurisdiction.

The use of any Content or your submission of any information will not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Ms. Stepanian.  Please be aware that any information that you provide us is not privileged or confidential. 


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